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Phone:  +61 2 9907 4484

Mobile:  +61 409 127 755

Email:  mail@planetfinska.com.au

BUSINESS HOURS   Our warehouse is open for order pick up Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm.  For any pick ups, please call in advance to arrange pick up.  Games can also be purchased and paid for via credit card at our warehouse.

Planet Finska are an Australian designer and merchant of properly crafted traditional games.  We do not believe in fads or whims and think the best games are those that have stood the test of time.   Our games are real, not virtual and exercise mind and body (not just thumbs).  We design games that are actively interactive and catalysts for family and friends to socialise, laugh and create memories.

OUR COMMITMENT:  Where timber is involved Planet Finska only use environmentally responsible hardwood.   We do not use mdf, chipboard or softwoods such as pine that are less attractive, chip or crack easily and are less likely to last.  We recommend that customers be wary of inferior alternatives made from pine or other low-cost timber.  

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